Imprisoned Lives – José Mário Branco

15 of May of 2019

There is a way of accessing the recording of José Mário Branco’s testemony – for those who could not be this afternoon at the Aljube Museum – in the Documentation Center of the Museum. José Mário Branco celebrated the 20th anniversary in the Aljube and never returned there. Why? Asked Ana Aranha. Because it is a nuisance, replied José Mário Branco, comrade “Bento” has he was know.

He recalled the support he received – a fraternal, unforgettable support – from the socialist Fernando Vale, the well-known doctor of Coja. And he described what it was like to live in cage and what it was like to live depressed and with nothing to occupy the time.

In the Aljube, on May 15, 2019.