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Father Nuno Xico Nuno – A man acting in times of change, by Natália Rodrigues (Coord.), Carlos Figueira, Emília Galego, Jorge Custódio and José Ermitão

9 of July of 2019 - 18h30

Cover of the book.

Book of memoirs and portrait of a priest who taught Religion and Morals in a new and defiant attitude towards the shadowed times of  Marcelismo (Marcelo Caetano´s governance). Therefore, pursued by PIDE and expelled from high school where he taught and invited young people to the “New Time”.

Presentation by
Jorge Custódio, Emília Galego and Natália Rodrigues
Followed by a Port of Honor

Musical participation by 
Francisco Fanhais

Author Editing, June 2019

Book and presentation in portuguese.

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