Short Story and Historical Narrative Contest – Award Winners 2018

13 Junho 2018

The Museum of Aljube Resistance and Freedom promoted, in partnership with APH and APP, a contest of short stories and historical narrative under the theme “Being a political prisoner”.

On June 7, the public session was held in the auditorium to deliver Diplomas of participation to all competitors and to announce the winners.

Members of the jury:

  • Luís Farinha – Director of the Museum, who initiated the session
  • João de Melo – writer
  • Risoleta Pinto Pedro – writer
  • Teresa V. Cunha – representative of the Portuguese Teachers Association

After the delivery of the diplomas, they made a small intervention offering some words of encouragement to the competitors and praising their “emotional memory”, in regards to the theme and texts presented.

List of Winners

Seniors – short story category:

  1. Maria Inácia Pacheco – “Não me levam outra vez” (You Won’t Take Me Again) under the pseudonym Ana Domingos
  2. José Manuel Pereira Gonçalves – “Quem será o cabecilha” (Who is the ringleader) under the pseudonym Gil Bardo
  3. Manuela Morais – “O abismo da solidão” (The abyss of solitude) under the pseudonym Maria Coelho

Seniors – Historical narrative category:

  1. Manuel Jorge Veloso – “Tarrafal 72” under the pseudonym Maria Teixeira
  2. Maria Manuela Figueiredo da Cruz – “Último Cárcere” (Last Prison) under the pseudonym Lutador
  3. It was not awarded

Secondary Education:

  1. Sofia Oliveira – “O Poeta Libertado” (The Released Poet) under the pseudonym Sophia Adsumus
  2. It was not awarded
  3. It was not awarded

Honourable Mention – Inês Margarida Branco Geraldes, “Grito à Liberdade” (Scream for Freedom) under the pseudonym Isabel Gentil

Photos: © Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom


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