National Youth Day

28 March 2021

#Inthisday 28 of March, is marked the National Youth Day.

Between March 21 and 28, 1947, at Youth Week, promoted by the Juvenil Democratic Unity Movement (MUD), initiatives such as festivals, cultural and sporting sessions, tours and camps were discussed throughout the country, where the problems of youth and forms of resistance to fascism were discussed.

That year, in Bela Mandil, in the municipality of Olhão, the Youth Festival was held, a camp that brought together hundreds of young people with lectures, songs, poetry recitals and dance. Although legal in nature, the repressive forces of the fascist regime (PIDE, PSP and GNR) surrounded the festival and, armed, forced to suspend all activities and leave the site. Many young people resisted intimidation, repression and violence, but ended up being assaulted or imprisoned and, as a form of protest, the national anthem echoed in the forest of Bela Mandil.

This day was thus linked to the struggle of youth resistance for the defence of their rights and for the conquest of freedom and democracy.

Images: 1947, Untitled, Mário Soares Foundation / Bela Mandil, Available at HTTP: (2021-3-26)


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