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Marcelo Caetano visits London

15 July 2021

#Inthisday 15 July 1973, Marcelo Caetano visited London under the specter of an endless colonial war and international isolation aggravated by the revelation, days before, of the Wiriamu massacres by Father Hastings in “The London Times”.
In this visit, Caetano is received with hostility and with a demonstration against the colonial policy of the Portuguese regime near the Portuguese embassy surrounded by a police cordon.
1973 was the year of the slow agony of Marcelismo, the regime’s closure, the insistence on the colonial war, in the grip of a growing workers’ movement and strike wave, the radicalization of opposition, a budding economic crisis, the universities in turmoil, besieged on the right by the ultras integrists, and losing important sectors of the middle classes and the Catholic world.
To all this, the regime responded with increased repression.


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