Antenor da Costa Cruz

Antenor da Costa Cruz was born on October 5, 1900, in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos.

An emigrant in Paris, he worked as an employee at the Banco Nacional Ultramarino. A few years later, he left for Madeira, working as a merchant, while developing political activity in the Portuguese Communist Party.

In 1932, he became responsible for the Regional Committee of the PCP in Madeira. On August 20, 1936, he was arrested “for investigations”, in Funchal. In June 1937, he was transferred to the Fortaleza de Peniche and then to the North Redoubt of Caxias. On February 17, 1938, he was transferred to Aljube Prison, being sentenced to 23 months of correctional imprisonment by the Special Military Court (discounting the 544 days of imprisonment, reduced to 146 days), and released in July 1938.

After returning to Madeira, he returned to the Regional Committee of the PCP and intervenes in the creation of the Movement of Democratic Unity (MUD).

The PIDE arrested him again in Funchal, in May 1948, as part of the arrest of about 70 PCP militants, “for inquiries about subversive activities.”

A week later, he entered Funchal’s Hospital da Misericórdia, where he died #inthisday May 27, 1948, a victim of torture during interrogations. He was 47 years old.