José Mário Branco.

Lives in the Resistence – José Mário Branco – SOLD OUT

15 de Maio de 2019 - 16h00
Aljube Museum Auditorium
José Mário Branco.

“It was a strange prison, we had a heroic view of the prison, very true in many cases. People from the Party gave us a leaflet that said” if you are arrested, comrade “, explaining how we should resist to torture. I was a student in Coimbra but was arrested in Oporto on April 28 – I think it was Salazar’s birthday. It was usual to detain people before May 1st to avoid big demonstrations, and they took me to Coimbra, I stayed at PIDE in Coimbra, and in the next day I was taken to Lisbon, to the Aljube prison. I entered the prison and I saw the 21 people who were the CP (Communist Party) structure in Coimbra. We looked at each other and we thought: they know everything. We thought that we had been denounced. And we had, by the clandestine official of the CP, responsible for that region. Later we got to know that he gave 300 names from all over the country. It was a prison where PIDE knew more about me than I did. They knew everything I knew and what was said about me in reports and information.”

José Mário Branco, Jornal i, 12/02/2018


In this conversation led by Ana Aranha, with the participation of students of the degree in Communication and Journalism – ULHT, José Mário Branco will speak to us of a life of resistance and struggle, which eventually led to his exile in France in 1963, having returned to Portugal only after 25 April.

The session wil be in portuguese.

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