The Artist went out to the streets

20 de Abril a 31 de Dezembro de 2023
Na manhã do dia 25 de Abril de 1974, Ana Hatherly contrariou as recomendações para que “os habitantes de Lisboa se conservassem nas suas casas” e, como tantas pessoas, saiu à rua e fotografou o pulsar, a surpresa, a alegria, a celebração da liberdade.
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REVOLUTIONS: Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Portugal (1969-1974) – photographs by Uliano Lucas

13 de Abril a 30 de Setembro de 2023
Revolutions by Uliano Lucas is the story of a journey made of several journeys. Curated by Elisa Alberani, Miguel Cardina and Vincenzo Russo.
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Long-term exhibition

Dedicated to the history and memory of the fight against the dictatorship and the recognition of resistance in favor of freedom and democracy.
The Museum's Long-term Exhibition presents visitors with a general characterization of the Portuguese dictatorial regime (1926-1974), its means of oppression on the population (through censorship and the repressive action of police and political courts), the means of response by oppositions, semi-legal and clandestine, as well as aspects of the anti-colonial struggle that led the military to overthrow the regime by military coup, in 1974. On floor -1, visitors can still see part of the structures of the building where the Museum is housed and an archaeological show raised from its subsoil.
Long-term Exhibition
Violence is in the genesis, the practice and the symbolism of an occupation process. But violence meets resistance, with different expressions and impacts. This exhibition aims to reveal and highlight various processes of resistance to Portuguese colonialism between 1926 and 1974, the period that is the object of this museum.
20 de Janeiro a 12 de Junho de 2022
ADEUS PÁTRIA E FAMÍLIA addresses the dynamics and tensions between repression and the resistances of sexual and gender diversity during the dictatorship and after the Revolution.
28 de Junho de 2022 a 29 de Janeiro de 2023
Women and Resistance – “New Portuguese Letters” and other struggles
The temporary exhibition Women and Resistance – New Portuguese Letters and other struggles aims to reveal and highlight the contribution of so many women who, with different origins and paths, invented and concretized battles for their rights, social justice and freedom, from the 1930s until the 25th of April.
06 de Maio a 31 de Dezembro de 2021