Tarrafal Never Again!

18 de Outubro de 2018 a 28 de Abril de 2019

Historical Exhibition Tarrafal Never Again!

Photographic Exhibition Tarrafal – between resistance and the risk of oblivion António Cotrim

The concentration camp of Tarrafal, between the painful history of hundreds of prisoners of conscience who were tortured to death, and the present of a memory of resistance that has been at risk of oblivion.

The exhibition shows a photographic reportage by António Cotrim, Tarrafal – between resistance and the risk of oblivion, held in 2012 and a historical approach to the camp of Tarrafal.

18 October 2018 — Thursday
Temporary Exhibitions’ Area of the Museum of Aljube

Inauguration and opening to the public

Debate The memory of Tarrafal 
Alfredo Caldeira, Filipa Raimundo and Silvestre Lacerda

Programação pararela

Tarrafal Never Again!
Temporary Exhibition – Public opening: October 18 – 18h00. Next to the photographic Exhibition of António Cotrim "Tarrafal – between resistance and the risk of oblivion", the Museum of Aljube rebuilds the historical memory of the "slow death camp" of Tarrafal.
18 de Outubro de 2018 - 18h00