Drawings from the prison to Alfredo – Censored

Adelino Pereira da Silva

Adelino Pereira da Silva was born in February 1939, in Alvalade, Santiago de Cacém. Arrested by PIDE in 1963, he stayed at Aljube Prison. He was later sent to Caxias and to Peniche, where he remained until 1969. He was incarcerated for 7 years. In the “Days of Memory”, on April 25, 2016, he donated some of his memories. We reproduced four articulated postcards that he drew in prison for his son Alfredo. The stamp with the phrase “ Fort of Peniche – Censorship” is visible in all.

Adelino’s wife, Alice Capela, while in prison, had with her, their son Alfredo for some time, because both their parents were in prison. Later, Alfredo went to live with his uncles.

Drawings to Alfredo – Censored