Rita Rato


Installing Committee

The Installing Committee of the Museum of Aljube – Resistance and Freedom was appointed by the Mayor of Lisbon by Order of 15 April 2013, with the following competencies:

  • To draw up and present the programme of scientific, museographic and programmatic contents of the Museum of Aljube;
  • To define the tasks necessary for its implementation and the appropriate human, technical and financial resources, in accordance with the programme established by the CML (City Council of Lisbon);
  • To support the architecture team in the final definition of the various spaces and aspects of the equipment;
  • To follow the architectural requalification of the building;
  • To support and accompany the installation of the Museum of Aljube until its inauguration;
  • To support the Administration of the Museum of Aljube during its first year of effectiveness.

Manuel Veiga, Municipal Director of Culture
Alfredo Caldeira
Domingos Abrantes
Fernando Rosas
Henrique Cayatte
Inês Quintanilha
Luís Farinha

Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board are appointed for a period of three years. With the termination of office of the Installing Committee, its members remain in the Advisory Board.
The Advisory Board of the Museum of Aljube, must, among other things:

  • Advise the Administration of the Museum on the programmes or initiatives that are to be developed in the context of its activities;
  • Assess the programme of activities and the annual budget and issue recommendations.

António Borges Coelho, President
António Reis
Artur Pinto
Frier Bento Domingues
Carlos Matos Gomes
Casimiro Levy Baptista
Cláudio Torres
Daniel Cabrita
Diana Andringa
Francisco Fanhais
Isabel do Carmo
Jacinto Godinho
José Pacheco Pereira
Manuel Macaísta Malheiros
Manuel Pedroso Marques
Mário Brochado Coelho
Raimundo Narciso

Representatives of the following Memory organisations:

25th of April Association
25th of April Documentation Centre of the University of Coimbra
Mário Soares Foundation
NAM – Civic Movement Don´t Erase Memories!
UMAR – Women’s Union Alternative and Response
URAP – Portuguese Union of Antifascist Resistance
MDM – Women’s Democratic Movement

By order of the Mayor of the City Council of Lisbon, António Costa, 23 May 2014.