FROM 23 FEV – 31 MAR 2023
Art installation by Bruno Moraes Cabral and Kiluanji Kia Henda that will occupy floor 0 of the Aljube Museum of Resistance and Freedom until March 31st.


The Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom seeks to evoke and honor all those who resisted. In this space, the mortal victims of the Military Dictatorship and the Estado Novo between 1926 and 1974 deserve special mention, telling a little of their stories and, whenever possible, showing their faces.
Long-term Exhibition
The Museum’s long-term exhibition presents to the visitors, on the -1 floor an archaeological exhibit with traces found here. On floor 0, the memorial to the political prisoners and the building’s history; on floor 1, the characterization of the Portuguese dictatorial regime (1926-1974), its means of repression and oppression (the Censorship, the police and the political courts). On floor 2, the resistance of the oppositions (semi-legal and clandestine), prison, torture, isolation cells. On floor 3, the anti-colonial struggle and the independence movements of liberation, the overthrow of the dictatorship and the 25th of April 1974.
All year
(Un)submissive Earth
A video installation that reflects on the idea of freedom and resistance. A work by Kiluanji Kia Henda and Bruno Moraes Cabral about the most extreme deprivation of freedom in colonial times and, at the same time, fiction as the ultimate space of resistance.
23 of February to 31 of March of 2023
ADEUS PÁTRIA E FAMÍLIA addresses the dynamics and tensions between repression and the resistances of sexual and gender diversity during the dictatorship and after the Revolution.
28 of June of 2022 to 29 of January of 2023

Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom

Dedicated to the history and memory of the fight against the dictatorship and the recognition of resistance in favor of freedom and democracy.
It is a museum site and a historical museum that intends to fill a gap in the Portuguese museological fabric, projecting the valorization of the memory of the struggle against the dictatorship in the construction of an enlightened and responsible citizenship and assuming the fight against the excusing silencing, and often accomplice, of the dictatorial regime that ran the country between 1926 and 1974.
About the Museum
Book presentation “Don’t be fooled!”
A tribute to the generation of fathers and mothers born in the 1930s who, without seeking a place in history, political or any other kind of protagonism, never resigned, risked their lives, went to prison, went into exile, and were persecuted so that we can live today in a better country.
25 of February of 2023 – 15h00
Visit the Aljube!
The month of February’s Guided Tour to the Aljube Museum’s long term exhibition Resistance and Freedom.
25 of February of 2023 – 10h30
Visit Aljube!
The month of July’s Guided Tour to the long term exhibition at the Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom.
30 of July of 2022 – 10h30
The Aljube Museum collects testimonial memories of resistant and former political prisoners who passed through the PIDE prisons, as well as their families and the rest of the community that lived through the dictatorial period, as a way of memorializing the experiences of oppression, struggle and resistance for Freedom and Democracy.
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Guided Tours to the Aljube Museum
The Museum of Aljube promotes monthly Guided Tours to its Long Term Exhibition and Temporary Exhibition, aimed at the whole community, subject to previous registration through the Educational Service of the Museum.
Educational Programs
Maintaining a close and continuous work relationship with schools and other institutions is one of the main objectives of the Educational Service. Therefore, several projects are promoted and welcomed.
We live in times when it is necessary to discuss the obvious. Let’s do it! Education for Citizenship and Human Rights is at our origin, and in our identity and in our daily practice. For all these reasons, we decided to launch the invitation to help us think and explain the obvious: education and culture are always the best answer.
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
#inthisday recalls people and events of resistance to dictatorship and struggle for freedom.
21 of March of 2023
Laura Serra
#inthisday recalls people and events of resistance to dictatorship and struggle for freedom.
18 of March of 2023
Demonstration in front of the Aljube Prison
#inthisday reminds people and events of resistance to the dictatorship and the struggle for freedom.
16 of March of 2023