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The educational service welcomes groups of different ages and provenances, promoting experiences that suit their expectations and needs.


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We live in times when it is necessary to discuss the obvious. Let’s do it! The Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom is a space of memory, of resistance to dictatorship and the struggle for freedom. It is a musealized place, an old prison where people “trapped by their free thought” passed, and it is also a museum with responsibility for socializing common memory with the community, especially the youngest.

We challenge everyone to critical reflection and the approach to testimonial memory as cultural heritage and construction of identity and common memory. Questioning and critical thinking are part of our daily lives, valuing freedoms, rights and guarantees is a daily practice in our activity, the commitment to a culture of dialogue and understanding is one of the reasons for our existence.

Education for Citizenship and Human Rights is at our origin, and in our identity and in our daily practice. For all these reasons, we decided to launch the invitation to help us think and explain the obvious: education and culture are always the best answer.

In the first half of 2021, on the last Wednesday of each month, we will  share with you, with the help of our guests some reflections and concerns.

You all are invited to participate whether in the auditorium of our museum or by streaming on our networks, join us, and bring a friend!


➢ Dates:

January 27th- David Rodrigues February

February 24th – Sara Barriga, Luzia Lima Rodrigues, Joana Simões Piedade

March 24th– José Morgado and Rita Ramalho

April 29th – Ana Maria Bettencourt

May 26th – Sérgio Gaitas and Sérgio Niza

➢ Location: Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom

➢ Registration:

➢ Format: in person and / or virtual

➢ Activity in portuguese