Educational Service

The educational service welcomes groups of different ages and provenances, promoting experiences that suit their expectations and needs.

Guided Tours to the Aljube Museum

The tours are meant for all types of public, in groups organised with a maximum of 25 elements and with prior appointment. The scheduling is made according to the request, on every day of the week, Monday to Friday, and the visits take place from Tuesday to Sunday.

Guided tours can be conducted in Portuguese, English and French. Contact Judite Álvares by email, or phone 215 818 536.

Thematic Tours – School Groups

Guided tours through, and supported by, a script that allows, in a playful (for the younger public) and pedagogical way, the group’s interaction and consolidation of learning, albeit in a non-formal context.


  • Resistance and Freedom – 1st and 2nd Cycles of Basic Education
  • Censorship – “Blue Pencil” – 2nd and 3rd cycles of Basic Education and Secondary Education
  • Biographies of Members of the Resistance – 3rd Cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education
  • Political Prisoner – Secondary Education

Tours through individual registration

Every month, during the weekend, we have tours for those who wish to visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions individually.

Programme 2019:

  • January 26 – Guided tour with Judite Álvares
  • February 23 – Guided Tour with Luís Farinha
  • March 30 – Guided tour with Judite Álvares
  • April 27 – Guided Tour with Luís Farinha
  • May 18
  • June 22
  • July 13
  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 23
  • December 7


Guided Tour with Luís Farinha

23 of February of 2019 - 15h00, Aljube Museum

The Museum of Aljube promotes monthly Guided Tours to its Permanent Exhibition and the Temporary Exhibition Tarrafal Never Again!, aimed at the whole community, subject to previous registration through the Educational Service of the Museum.