Archive of Temporary Exhibitions

8998, Pomar
In April, we inaugurated the new temporary exhibition space on the 4th floor of the Aljube Resistance and Freedom Museum. The first exhibition we received is a happy meeting between the Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar and the Museum of Aljube Resistance and Freedom.
08 of April to 30 of June of 2021
Os Olhos da Memória, by Armindo Cardoso
The photographs at the Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom tell us the recent history of a country, the period between the revolution, in 1975, and the post-revolutionary period, between 1976 and 1980. The look by Armindo Cardoso it goes through critical moments of the ongoing revolutionary process, such as the 1st of May 1975 or the siege of the Constituent Assembly, but also the years of “reflux”, “counterrevolution” or “normalization”, depending on the narratives.
12 of November of 2020 to 31 of January of 2021
Emídio Guerreiro, 120th anniversary of his birth. Born in Guimarães, a citizen of the world
The exhibition “Emídio Guerreiro, 120th anniversary of his birth. Born in Guimarães, a citizen of the world" portrays, in a simple narrative directed to the general public, the life of a freedom fighter, from the republican period until the 25th of April 1974.
19 of September to 01 of November of 2020
Jaime Cortesão – Citizen, Patriot, Member of the Resistance
Jaime Cortesão – Citizen, Patriot, Member of the Resistance, shows the man of action, committed to a regenerative political praxis of the nation, with a secure support in the genuine culture and founder of portuguese roots.
18 of October of 2019 to 30 of August of 2020
the portuguese prison photo project provides an insight into seven portuguese contemporary prisons. From the largest and oldest dating back to the 1880s to the newest opened in 2004. The images, captured by two photographers, a portuguese (Luís Barbosa) and a swiss (Peter M. Schulthess), show different approaches and perspectives and are complemented by historical images from the national archives.
11 of May to 29 of September of 2019
Manuel Brito – MFA’s Cultural Promotion and Civic Action Campaign
The MFA’s Cultural Promotion and Civic Action Campaign, announced in October 1974, had as its primary objective “to put the Armed Forces at the service of a project for the development of the Portuguese people”, and “to promote the better cultural and political level of the country ‘. The exhibition is composed by a set […]
1 to 30 of May of 2019
Tarrafal Never Again!
The concentration camp of Tarrafal, between the painful history of hundreds of prisoners of conscience who were tortured to death, and the present of a memory of resistance that has been at risk of oblivion.
18 of October of 2018 to 28 of April of 2019
José Dias Coelho – Revolutionary Militant Artist
A partnership with the Museum of Neo-Realism – Vila Franca de Xira, where most of his artistic work comes from. The life, the militancy and the memory of his exclusive dedication to the cause of Freedom.
25 of April to 30 of September of 2018
My Dear Friends – Augusto Boal – Letters From Exile
The exhibition My Dear Friends – Augusto Boal – Letters from Exile opens the door to a cross-analysis of the exile of the opponents of the dictatorship, on both sides of the Atlantic.
25 of April to 31 of October of 2017