Educational Service

The educational service welcomes groups of different ages and provenances, promoting experiences that suit their expectations and needs.

Educational Programs

Maintaining a close and continuous work relationship with schools and other institutions is one of the main objectives of the Educational Service. Therefore, several projects are promoted and welcomed:

Short story Contest “The Clandestine”

“Being a Political Prisoner” was the theme of the first edition in 2018. “The Clandestines” was the theme of the 2nd edition in 2019. This contest is aimed at two levels: young people between 15 and 18 and adults from 18 years. The best works in each edition are published in two modalities: brochure and E-book.

Contest 2018 Being a Political Prisoner – ebook

Contest 2019 The Clandestines – ebook

This initiative is for portuguese public only.

Documentary Contest “I kept this memory from the Aljube”

We challenge students from the 9th grade and secondary school who visit us to build an audio-visual documentary.

The three best works will be awarded.

This initiative is for portuguese public only.

Family program “The Aljube Telling Stories” – Storytelling time

For children between the ages of 6 and 10

April 25

June 2 (Celebrating Internacional Children’s Day)

Museu do Aljube Resistência e Liberdade © Hora do Conto

This initiative is for portuguese public only.

History Laboratory

Work developed by students who visited the Museum. See more details in History Laboratory.

Students from the Casquilhos Secondary School – Barreiro. Tutorial by Francisco Bairrão Ruivo – Aljube Museum / IHC
Documentation Center 2019

This initiative is for portuguese public only.


DESCOLA is a program of creative activities developed in municipal cultural spaces and directed specifically to the school public, students and teachers.

“Descolar” is …. learning throughout life; challenging for the 20th century. XXI student profile; to educate in the city of Lisbon; to promote creative learning.

In the Aljube Museum, “Descolar” is also to encourage the students’ historical intelligence, to raise awareness about human rights and to promote participatory citizenship.

 See Activities

This initiative is for portuguese public only.