Photos: © Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom

Two Museums One Common Courtyard

13 April 2019

In April, Thousand Conversations

Aljube Museum and Roman Theater Museum

Guided tours, music with Samuel Quedas and socializing in the space of two museums that share the same courtyard. One spring afternoon to welcome ‘April’ and an invitation to be closer to us at the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution.

Program integrated in the “April in Lisbon”.


Maria Lamas
#nestedia relembra pessoas e acontecimentos de resistência à ditadura e de luta pela liberdade.
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Spanish Civil War
#inthisday recalls people and events of resistance to dictatorship and struggle for freedom.
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Marcelo Caetano visits London
#inthisday recalls people and events of resistance to the dictatorship and the fight for freedom.
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