In 1995 the Lisbon City Hall created a municipal public company, EBAHL – Equipment of the Historic Neighborhoods of Lisbon. The set of equipments managed by the company were S. Jorge Castle (museum area and the Castle district), the Taborda Theater and surrounding area, the Pancas Palha Palace in Santa Apolónia, the Largo do Chafariz de Dentro where a museum space dedicated to Fado was projected, in the old water lifting station, the Convent of Bernardas (where a museum project devoted to puppets) and the Marim Olhão Palace, on the Calçada de Combro.

Currently EGEAC (Equipment Management and Cultural Animation Company, EM) is responsible for managing some of the city’s main theaters, cinema, museums, monuments and galleries as well as the Lisbon Festivities and other cultural events that take place throughout the year int he streets of Lisbon.

The Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom became part of the company’s cultural equipment network in 2016.

Today, EGEAC is the largest cultural organization in the city of Lisbon.

In 2018, 2.4 million were in S. Jorge Castle and Monument to the Discoveries; 543,000 young people visited the cultural spaces; 253,000 participated in the educational service activities of its museums and cultural houses, totaling 4.8 million spectators and visitors.

Cultural Spaces – EGEAC