Imprisoned Lives / Lives in the Resistance

September to December of 2018

In this cycle focused on the collection of testimonies, we gather memories of former members of the resistance and former political prisoners, in a conversation led by an interviewer, which then develops into a gathering with an audience that is mostly composed of students.

IMPRISONED LIVES is a program that collects testimonies of former political prisoners and members of the resistance to the Dictatorship. It counts with the presence of a school audience and the community.

The sessions are recorded on video so that they can be consulted in the future, in the Documentation Centre of the Museum, or disclosed to the entire community, through virtual means.


Helena Neves

13 of March of 2019 - 16h00

A student who joined the Communist Party while in the Lyceum D. João de Castro, with 17 years old. She was suspended as a student of the Faculdade de Letras for the prominence she had in the academic struggle of the years leading up to the April Revolution. Helena Neves who was a member of […]

Isabel do Carmo

24 of April of 2019 - 16h00

In the early 70’s, under the backdrop of an inflatable Colonial War and the disenchantment caused by Marcelo Caetano’s ineffectiveness in accompanying the pulse of the country and the world, young political activists radicalized the struggle and brought it to the brink of violent confrontation with the regime. Among these young people was Isabel do […]