Hermínio de Oliveira Simões. PIDE, Serviços Centrais, Registo Geral de Presos, liv. 106, registo n.º 21156 PT/TT/PIDE/E/010/106/21156. Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo

Hermínio de Oliveira Simões

(Pombalinho, Golegã, 15.06.1914 — Lisboa, 21.04.1953)

Herminio de Oliveira Simões, was born on June 15, 1914, in Pombalinho, Golegã. Locksmith, he was arrested by PIDE, for the first time, in April 1953, in Torres Novas, “for belonging to the secret and subversive association called the Portuguese Communist Party”. He was send to the PIDE headquarters, collecting afterwards to the Caxias Prison. On April 21, 1953, he was taken to the Hospital de S. José, victim of police treatment.

In this day, April 21st, he passed away at the age of 39.

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