May of 68 – 50 Years Later

3 to 30 of May of 2018

Other Events

Cinema Cycle
With commentary by Fernando Pereira Marques.
23 of May of 2018 - 18h00
May of 68 – 50 years later in debate
What was the May of 68? A Revolution or an illusion? 50 years later, what remained? To talk about and debate these issues: Tomás Ibañéz and Miguel Serras Pereira.
19 of May of 2018 - 15h00
Opening of the Exhibition “May of 68 – 50 years later”
Opening of the exhibition and debate "The Portuguese and the May of 68". With José Pacheco Pereira, Fernando Pereira Marques, Vasco de Castro and Aires Rodrigues.
3 of May of 2018 - 18h00