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Books in the Aljube – «A Candidatura de Arlindo Vicente nas “Eleições” de 1958» [The Candidacy of Arlindo Vicente in the “Elections” of 1958]

09 April 2019

With the enthusiasm of million of people and the popular support of Alentejo and Oporto – this is the remembrance of a memorable politic campaign. It has been a very fruitful conversation in the Aljube Museum about the candidacy of Arlindo Vicente to the “1958 Elections”. Armando Myre-Dores and Domingos Abrantes participated and knew like no one this popular enthusiasm that was transferred late on to Humberto Delgados’ campaign.

Who dares say that the country did not want to change the regime? It has been a conversation around João Alves Falcato’s book «The Candidature of Arlindo Vicente in the ” Elections of 1958 “.

A book not to be missed.


Maria Lamas
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