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Documentary «The Day The Torture Stopped»

24 April 2019

‘The Day the Torture Stopped’ was filmed in 1974, days after April 25. A team from Granada Television International, traveled the world from Asia to Latin America, revealing signs of repression and torture of political opponents, was surprised by the Carnation Revolution. It was in Lisbon, during the first days of May, that they collected testimonies by Fernando Vicente or Conceição Matos, for example, who today were in the Aljube Museum, to share memories of torture and resistance.

Also present was Alfredo Caldeira, who shared data from the torture study group collected by the psychiatrist Afonso de Albuquerque, also heard in the documentary.

In the audience was Álvaro Pato, also interviewed by the television team, who shared his memories, remembering that the torture is not over, due to the sequels that left in those who suffered directly in the body.

Only the torturers stopped torturing.


Maria Lamas
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