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Lives in the Resistance – Fernando Vicente

16 October 2019

Fernando Vicente, former political prisoner, member of the movement ‘Do not erase the memory ‘, fundamental structure in the creation of our museum, was the first guest of Ana Aranha, at the opening of the new cycle of ‘ Lives in the Resistance ‘.

Born In Lisbon, engineer of profession, the struggles in which he was involved in the student movement, specifically the participation in a general strike, were the beginning of political participation and got him expelled from the faculty of Lisbon.

The 5 days and 5 sleepless nights. 24 hours break, coinciding with visiting day. Followed 13 days and 13 sleepless nights again, 24 hours rest and again 13 days and 13 sleepless nights. He admits that it is difficult, for those who have not been through the same, understand the situation. The overcoming of the first five days, the hardest, recognizes, has caused him awe.

“Either go on a stretcher to the asylum, or die or talk”, they said in the interrogations. The degree of questions changed in the face of resistance. The torture of sleep, the statue and the beating. Fernando Vicente resisted. Always. “One moment at a time”.


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