Cândido Capilé

11 November 2020

#Inthisday November 11, 1961 a demonstration left Cova da Piedade towards Almada, denouncing the electoral fraud and complaining “Freedom, Peace and Amnesty for political prisoners”. Along the way, the demonstrators are confronted with a first police barrier, which does not stop the protest and is forced to flee.

In Almada, a new armed opposition force, a joint force by PIDE, GNR and PSP. The demonstrators did not retreat and continued advancing to the cry of “Down with fear” and “There is no fear”, resorting to stones to defend themselves. Police forces began to fire, people began to disperse, but Cândido Martins Capilé fell inanimate, hit by one of the bursts of gunfire.

A cork worker, Cândido Capilé was 28 years old. The event was portrayed by José Dias Coelho, in a drawing that would be published in “Avante!” in the 2nd half of November 1961.

Image: Murder of Cândido Capilé, “Avante!” in the 2nd half of November 1961.


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