Peniche Escape

03 January 2021

It was at this time that the plan was set in motion. At 4:00 p.m #inthisday January 3, 1960.

A car driven by actor Rogério Paulo stopped at the square in front of Peniche fort with the trunk open. It was the sign for the beginning of the escape that involved Álvaro Cunhal, Carlos Costa, Francisco Miguel, Francisco Martins Rodrigues, Guilherme Costa Carvalho, Jaime Serra, Joaquim Gomes, José Carlos, Pedro Soares and Rogério Carvalho as well as a guard from GNR.

Outside, the escape had been prepared by Pires Jorge and António Dias Lourenço, with the help of Octavio Pato and Rui Perdigão.

This is one of the escapes that we recall in the long-term exhibition of the Aljube Museum, alongside escapes from Aljube, Timor, various prisons in Portugal and in the camps of the former colonies. There will be many still to be told.

Image: Illustration by Margarida Tengarrinha, The Escape from Peniche.


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