Alberto de Almeida

08 January 2021

Alberto de Almeida was born in 1907 in Viseu. A painter by profession, he had been employed by the City Council of Lisbon, a city where he lived.
It will be his participation in the revolt of August 26, 1931 against the Military Dictatorship to be worth his arrest. Taken to the Hunter Battalion 5, then went to the Lisbon Penitentiary.
On September 2, 1931 he boarded the ship Pedro Gomes to Timor along with 357 more deportees, including the main military chiefs of the revolt.
Arriving in Dili in October, Alberto Almeida is placed in the harsh concentration camp of The Island of Ataúro, where, in addition to the corporal punishment suffered and the lack of minimum conditions of hygiene and healthiness, he falls ill and will have gone mad and lost his speech. He died #inthisday on January 8, 1932 with a biliosa when he was going to Hili hospital and not on May 25 as it appears in the documentation of the Ministry of the Interior.
He was 25 years old and had never been tried.

Image: Ship “Pedro Gomes” which, on September 2, 1931, transported 358 political deportees to Timor.


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