A Grande Greve do Couço, Junho de 1958.

One of the Couço Women died, the resistant antifascist Maria Carmina

27 January 2021

Maria suffered and resisted fascism, misery, exploitation and hunger with her old companion, João Camilo, and her Party, the Portuguese Communist Party. He, a prominent figure and founder of the first Local Committee of the PCP in that land, was imprisoned nine times, for a total of 14 long years. Her life was marked by the violence of torture and arrests by her husband, by the difficulties experienced by the people of Couço.

Couço has always been a land heavily punished by repression, torture and fascist prisons. Since 1933, going through the hunger marches in the 40s, until the 25th of April 1974, Couço has added more than 200 prisons, penalties that exceed more than 200 years.

“The women of Couço were always on the side of men in the fight; made their contribution to the conquest of rights; they fought in the daily squares, in the eight o’clock fights, in the fights to form a union that would defend us, in the fights against electoral frauds, in the fights of the damned prisons, and, in the bitter hours of torture, they were always, always at the side of men, their companions ”. Who said it was Rosa Viseu, another of the heroic women of Couço. So it was also with Maria Carmina.

To family and friends, the Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom presents the most heartfelt condolences.

Image: The Great Strike of Couço, June 1958.


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