Detail of the cover of the newspaper "Diário de Lisboa",  January  1st 1962.

Raul Zagalo

16 of January of 2019 - 16h00
Aljube Museum Auditorium
Detail of the cover of the newspaper “Diário de Lisboa”,  January  1st 1962.

On the last day of the year of 1961, under the impulse of the typhoon “delgadista” and, still in the background, a colonial war decided in the offices of the dictator Oliveira Salazar, some fearless men thought of begining the liberation of the country with the “Assault of the Beja Barracks”. Raul Zagalo was one of them.

Conversation conducted by Ana Aranha.

With the presence of students from the José Afonso – Seixal Secondary School, Casquilhos Secondary School – Barreiro.

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