The Sacred Poetry of Hope

06 of July to 30 of September of 2022

On July 6, from 4pm, we inaugurate the temporary exhibition that will occupy floor 4 of the Museum, The Sacred Poetry of Hope with works by Dília Fraguito Samarth and curated by Manuel L. Dias dos Santos.

“Poetry, for its richness in vivid imagery, is excellent raw material for artists in general. But for one of the visual arts, passionate about the message of its creator, even more. The poet Agostinho Neto always had presence in the artistic body of Dília Fraguito Samarth, by timelessness in the messages it carries. Over the past 25 years, Samarth decided to make a real tour de force, shredding the physical and reason, and produce a profusion of aesthetic-chromatic images of universal dimension for contemporary art, without any pretension of grandeur, vanity or ego. The aim is only to fix in contemporaneity messages that remain valid for humanity, contributing with a pedagogical way of transmitting them, art, whose reach goes beyond creeds, identities, generations, nationalities, genders or races.”
Manuel L. Dias dos Santos

CURATOR – Manuel L. Dias dos Santos

Open Daily, from 10 am to 6 pm.
Closes on Mondays and on the DEC 25th
and JAN 1st.