Women and Resistance – New Portuguese Letters and other struggles

06 of May to 31 of December of 2021

A book by 3 women, decided in May 1971 and published a year later, with the first edition collected and destroyed by censorship three days after its release.

In the 50 years of the writing of the New Portuguese Letters that gave rise to the process known as the Three Marys we revisited the actuality of the struggle of women for their rights.

From the unique work of Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa we try to understand the role of repression, the value of solidarity and the importance of the victory of this literary and political process.

The temporary exhibition Women and Resistance – New Portuguese Letters and other struggles aims to bring about the contribution of so many women who, with different origins and paths, invented and concretized battles for their rights, social justice and freedom, from the 1930s to 25 April. All these processes highlight the irreplaceable role of women over the 48 years of resistance to fascism and its importance in achieving freedom in our country.

From 6 of May until December 2021, with this exhibition, we explore a vast parallel programming that aims to link multiple perspectives on the struggle for equality and freedom, what has already been done and the much that remains to be done. Conversation sessions, cinedebates, theater, music, itineraries, visits and more.