Women and Resistance – “New Portuguese Letters” and other struggles

06 of May to 31 of December of 2021

Written by three women in may 1971 and published in the following year, the first edition of this book was confiscated and destroyed by Portuguese censors three days after its release.  

On the 50th anniversary of New Portuguese Letters, the publication of which would lead to the Three Marias trial, we highlight its importance within the women’s rights movement of the time but also how it remains relevant to this day.

Drawing inspiration from the work of Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa, this exhibition aims to better understand the role of repression, the importance of solidarity, as well as the legacy of this political and literary trial.  The temporary exhibition Women and Resistance – New Portuguese Letters and other struggles shows how so many women, coming from so many different backgrounds, contributed to and helped create a women’s rights movement in Portugal, fighting for social justice and for freedom from the 1930s until the 25th of April Revolution. This case highlights the significance of women’s efforts throughout 48 years of resistance to fascism, as well as their important role in Portugal’s fight for freedom. Although a lot was accomplished, the road ahead of us is still long. 

From 6 of May until December 2021, with this exhibition, we explore a vast parallel programming that aims to link multiple perspectives on the struggle for equality and freedom, what has already been done and the much that remains to be done. Conversation sessions, cinedebates, theater, music, itineraries, visits and more.

Other Events

“They were afraid and went and didn’t go”
In the scope of the parallel programming of the temporary exhibition "WOMEN AND RESISTANCE - New Portuguese Letters and other struggles" we welcome anti-fascist resistance women for a cycle of conversations around the experiences of resistance to dictatorship and the struggle for women's rights, still so necessary and current nowadays.
18 of September to 30 of October of 2021
Guided tour to the Temporary Exhibition Women and Resistance – “New Portuguese Letters” and other struggles
July 21st at 4:30pm and 6:30pm two guided tours with curators Rita Rato and Joana Alves | Free Admission | Registration at inscricoes@museudoaljube.pt
21 of July of 2021 - 16h30
Film Cycle
Parallel Program of the Temporary Exhibition • Women and Resistance – New Portuguese Letters and other struggles Activity in portuguese
13 of May to 14 of October of 2021