Imprisoned Lives / Lives in the Resistance

September to December of 2018

In this cycle focused on the collection of testimonies, we gather memories of former members of the resistance and former political prisoners, in a conversation led by an interviewer, which then develops into a gathering with an audience that is mostly composed of students.

Books in the Aljube

September to December of 2018

Many were the writers concerned about and imprisoned or persecuted for expressing their opinions in book form, which is more than enough reason to promote, in this old political prison of the Dictatorship, the Cycle Books in the Aljube, thus celebrating the freedom of opinion and expression, in its plurality.

Lisbon from the Aljube – Itineraries

September to December of 2018

Thematic routes through the city of Lisbon (or other neighbouring sites), related to the central theme of the Museum, coordinated by specialists and open to the whole community. Participation requires prior registration since the group is limited.

An afternoon at the Aljube

September to December of 2018

It is a cycle that develops around the central themes of the museum, with the participation of specialists and aimed at specific audiences.

Intellectuals and Artists of the Resistance

September to December of 2018

It is a cycle of programmes that recall the life and work of artists, literary men and scientists who opposed, through their lives and work, the dictatorship of Salazar. It connects the sight of the expert and the evocation of the work, through critical reflection and cultural and artistic fruition.

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