Poems Written in the Aljube Prision

Donation by Rosalina Ramos and Maria Beatriz Ramos Viegas – Lisbon

Maria Rosalina Ferreira Ramos and Maria Beatriz Ferreira Ramos Viegas donated to the Aljube Museum some memories of their father – Deodato Medeiros Ramos – who was imprisoned in the Aljube Prison in 1932 and Caxias in 1947.

Deodato Medeiros Ramos was born in S. Miguel, Azores, on December 5, 1909, and was a bookkeeper.

The sisters know very little about their father’s resilient facet, who died very early, in addition to being arrested in 1932 for supporting the 1931 “Madeiras’ Revolt”.

He was also a prominent member of the Red Relief International and in 1947 he returned to prison, this time to Caxias, for the connection to the Movement for Democratic Unity (MUD) and for subscribing, in particular, the demands for better conditions of assistance to prisoners in the Tarrafal Concentration Camp .

We reproduced, three poems written in the Aljube Prision, by someone Rosalina Ramos and Beatriz Viegas are unaware of, dated november 14, 15 and 16, 1932, one of them dedicated to her father, Deodato Ramos.

The only mention of authorship is the same signature that appears in the three poems, presumed to be “M. Leiria”.

(Poems in portuguese)

Poems Written in the Aljube Prision