Albino Coelho Júnior

(Lisbon, 10-07-1897 – Tarrafal, Santiago Island, Cape Verde, 11-08-1940)

Albino Coelho Júnior was born in Lisbon, where he was a driver. He was arrested for the first time on 9 December 1936 and sent to the dungeons of the Lisbon Police Station, where he was held incommunicado. On 15 January 1937, he was transferred to the Prison of Aljube, and two months later, he was placed in the Prison of Peniche, where he stayed a few days until he was released for having been acquitted by the Special Military Court. According to the proceedings brought against him in the Special Military Court of Lisbon, he was said to have been induced, on the instructions of Francisco Horta Catarino, to participate as a driver in “works of a revolutionary nature”, which had not, however, been materialised so he was, therefore, released. However, shortly afterwards, on April 10, he was detained again, in the Aljube, where he remained until the 23rd of the same month. It was not long until he suffered a third arrest, for enquiries, on 21 July 1937, being sent, again, to the Aljube, where he was incommunicado, in solitary confinement until, on 6 November 1937, he was sent to the Concentration Camp of Tarrafal, on the Santiago Island, in Cape Verde. He would meet his death here in 1940.

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