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Ernesto José Ribeiro

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Ernesto José Ribeiro

(Lisbon, 11-03-1911 – Tarrafal, Santiago Island, Cape Verde, 08-12-1941)

Ernesto José Ribeiro was a bricklayer’s mate and resided in Azinhaga da Salgada, in Chelas, where he had been born, a popular area mostly inhabited by workers. Following his involvement in the revolt of 18 January 1934 in Marinha Grande, he was arrested by the Command of the Security Police on the 29th of that same month. Fifteen bombs and a prohibited weapon, which, despite not having been used, had been intended, according to the authorities, for this revolt, were seized in Ernesto’s house. On March 8 of that same year, he was sentenced by the Special Military Court to fourteen years of exile in the colonies with imprisonment, in addition to a fine. On September 23, he was sent to the Fortress of Angra do Heroísmo, in the Azores, and a month later, to Cape Verde, where he was detained in the Concentration Camp of Tarrafal, in the Santiago Island. There, he fell ill with anuria for three days, and then he died, in 1941, at the age of 30.

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