April Conversations

12 of April of 2018 - 0h00

Free Entrance
Registration is mandatory
Bookings: 251 818 530
Meeting point: Patio of Aljube, 17h45



Guided tours to the Museum of Aljube Resistance and Freedom and the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre, with those responsible for the two museums.


Under our feet: one of the oldest Patios of the city – a conversation about the archaeology of the site (Lídia Fernandes).


Conversations in the Patio: Between doors, windows, bars and a flight of stairs – stories that the Patio of Aljube tells (Joana Craveiro – Teatro do Vestido).


Snacks in the Patio.

Other events

Visit Aljube!
The month of July's Guided Tour to the long term exhibition at the Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom.
30 of July of 2022 - 10h30
What can a writer do?
Can a democracy assert itself without a critical mass of citizens? What is the role of civil society during a war? What can a writer do?
17 of June to 05 of July of 2022
Luca Argel will be at the Aljube Museum to present a series of musical lectures on the political history of samba.
20 of May to 03 of June of 2022
What if we exchanged some ideas about the Revolution?
We begin the Commemorations of the 50th Anniversary of 25th April with a cycle of conversations taking place between March and November 2022, always at 6pm, in our auditorium. At the Museum of Resistance and Freedom, this cycle of talks will celebrate our everyday struggle.
17 of March to 10 of November of 2022