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Helena Neves

13 of March of 2019 - 16h00

Helena Neves, photograph from the PIDE’s archive, April 18, 1974. Torre do Tombo National Archive.

A student who joined the Communist Party while in the Lyceum D. João de Castro, with 17 years old. She was suspended as a student of the Faculdade de Letras for the prominence she had in the academic struggle of the years leading up to the April Revolution.
Helena Neves who was a member of the founding group of the Democratic Movement for Women (MDM), was first arrested by the PIDE in 1969, when she had been nominated by the MDP / CDE as a candidate for a congressional position in the Santarém circle. Arrested again in the early days of April 1974, she felt the greatest joy of the prisoners – that of being rescued by the liberators of the Carnation Revolution.

Conversation conducted by Ana Aranha.

With the presence of secondary school students and the community.

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