Joaquim Luís Teixeira Magalhães

Joaquim Luís Teixeira Magalhães was born in Miragaia, Porto, in 1920. Or 1922, he adds himself in the prison biography. Between January 1940 and February 1945 he was arrested eight times, seven of them for attempting illegal immigration. The last arrest took place on February 14, 1945, when he was handed over to the police by the steam commander Lourenço Marques himself, for traveling illegally. On that day he collected to the Aljube, going to the infirmary in the next day. Two days later, on February 17, he was admitted to S. José hospital. He died in room 7, service 2 of Curry Cabral hospital on February 20, 1945. He was 25 years old.

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